‘We Are Trying To Survive’: Restaurant Owner Sued By LA County For Allegedly Violating COVID Restrictions Speaks Out


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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura spoke with Carlos Roman, owner of Bread & Barley in Covina, California, which is being sued by Los Angeles County for allegedly violating emergency health orders.

The lawsuit alleges that Roman’s restaurant operated outdoor dining service even after the county suspended his public health permit.

Before Thanksgiving, Los Angeles County issued a ban on outdoor dining, impacting 30,000 restaurants in the county like Bread and Barley’s.

“These guys are great, working their butts off, they just want to work” owner of Bread & Barley Carlos Roman tells me after he received a ‘notice of closure’ from the public health department pic.twitter.com/OkOy0fWCbB

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) December 24, 2020

Roman denies violating the outdoor dining ban.

“Us as restaurants, we are forced to comply with rules that sometimes we aren’t given until the day of,” Roman said, criticizing the county’s outdoor dining ban.

Owner of Bread & Barley Carlos Roman, has received a ‘Notice Of Closure’ order and has been fined for $1000 by public health. ‘Interfering with the duties of health officers’ and ‘failure to comply with health officer order’ are the fines Roman has received. pic.twitter.com/euhBWi4yG3

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) December 24, 2020

In December, a health inspector called the police on Roman when he blocked the inspector’s car from leaving after issuing him a notice for closure for allegedly violating outdoor dining ban restrictions.

“This isn’t about me, they can’t pay their bills,” Roman said in a video of the dispute. “We’re all in this together, we’ll just all starve to death and die.” (RELATED : ‘If We Can’t Work, He Can’t Work’: Business Owner Blocks Health Inspector’s Car After They Threatened Citations)


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