‘We Have Kids Here’: Brooklyn Center Residents React To Civil Unrest


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Residents living in the apartments in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, experienced first-hand the constant clashes between large crowds and law enforcement following the death of Daunte Wright.

Tensions remained high in Brooklyn Center following the death of Daunte Wright and with the Derek Chauvin trial taking place nearby.  The community is bracing for riots.

“Throwing tear gas in middle of a crowd and over to the apartment buildings is not the way to do it,” Jamiya Crayton, who lives in the apartments right across the police department, says. She criticized law enforcement for using control crowd munitions. Crayton has a two-year-old daughter that has been coughing all night after tear gas has got into the apartment complex. (RELATED: 40 Arrested After Riots Break Out In Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis)

They just launched several canisters of teargas to the doorway of the apartments across the street @WCCO pic.twitter.com/bemoDYH022

— David Schuman (@david_schuman) April 13, 2021

Hakim Miller, who lives in the same apartment as Crayton, also complained about the non-lethal munitions hitting apartment buildings.

“What people don’t understand is we have kids here,” Miller, who was upset with both protesters and law enforcement, said.

Miller also told the Daily Caller he had to stack bed mattresses up against his apartment windows in case a crowd-control munition broke through a glass window.

Last week, the Brooklyn Center city council passed a resolution to ban the use of tear gas and other control measures after receiving complaints from nearby residents. The ban on tear gas does not apply to Minnesota State Troopers or the National Guard who also have helped local enforcement deal with the large crowds. (RELATED:‘I Lost My Job, But I Still Have My Integrity’: Brooklyn Center City Manager Who Was Fired For Calling For Due Process Speaks Out)

“Act like it’s your kids in here, act like this is your home” says Jamiya Crayton, who lives in the apartment complex across the street from the Brooklyn Center police department. She tells me her kids have been coughing all night from the tear gas that gets into her building pic.twitter.com/MwOs43RRuy

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) April 15, 2021


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