‘We Have Never Seen It This Bad’: A Closer Look At The Border Crisis In South Texas


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The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura has spent several months documenting the ongoing border crisis and the impacts it’s having on communities in South Texas.

The migrant surge has impacted towns on or near the border like Del Rio and Uvalde. In Del Rio, border patrol agents have seen a 3,166% spike in arrests of convicted sex offenders.

Border apprehensions this year have reached over 700,000 to date as border patrol agents try to manage the surge.

In Uvalde, the constant chases between migrants and law enforcemet have depleted the small town’s resources. Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin told the Daily Caller that Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has yet to return his calls asking for additional resources.

“It’s a full-blown crisis” McLaughlin told the Daily Caller.

Just finished an interview with mayor of Uvalde Don McLaughlin who spoke to me about the issues Uvalde is facing in dealing with the migrant surge, crimes rates increasing and the town using up local resources to attent to migrants pic.twitter.com/8pCawacA5B

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) June 25, 2021

McLaughlin has been critical of Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s response to the migrant surge and endorsed his Republican opponent Don Huffines for governor. Also in Uvalde, rancher Mike Miller founded the nonprofit organization “Warriors For Ranchers” to raise money to help pay for property damages caused by migrants trespassing on ranches and farms. (RELATED : Border Patrol Nabs Man Convicted Of Attempted Murder, Previously Deported)

Interviewed a Texas rancher in Uvalde that feared for his life when armed illegal migrants fired shots at his direction. Migrants are constantly crossing into his ranch, damaging property and had his family threatened. This is the reality for Texans living in border towns pic.twitter.com/kWuPj8UGYH

— Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) June 25, 2021

Miller said that migrants are constantly crossing onto his property and that he had to hire additional security for safety.

“We have never ever seen it this bad,” said Miller. “This new administration doesn’t care about Texas.”

Watch Here :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QQ_UMZ8RxI

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