Wellington Gives Women The Boot


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Just when you thought this trans-insanity couldn’t get any crazier, it did. The recent Wi Spa incident may be outrageous but nobody would be surprised it happened in Los Angeles rather than say Cheyenne, Wyoming. But New Zealand  has a population of little more than five million, so it can’t be a hotbed of trans activism, surely? Guess again.

Two decades ago, Gavin Hubbard was an accomplished weightlifter, though to be fair, nothing special, setting national records as a junior, but retiring young. Now aged 43, Gavin Hubbard goes by the moniker Laurel Hubbard, and the ensuing fracas is like something out of L. Ron Hubbard.

Laurel, you see, has won a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics, having already taken silver in the 2017 Women’s World Championships. And women, especially sportswomen, are not happy about it. What was that about being able to do it better than men and in heels?  Tulsi Gabbard, for sure, but who else? Seriously though, Laurel Hubbard is a biological man, he is also the son of a wealthy businessman and former albeit minor politician. And Daddy is in his corner.

That scourge of trans-insanity Posie Parker isn’t too pleased, and recently along with supporters of both sexes, she picketed the New Zealand High Commission in London. She and her fellow travellers have though gone further than that; a New Zealand activist group Speak Up For Women arranged for a giant billboard to be placed on a building in Wellington that bears her slogan: woman – adult human female. And it was gone in just over twenty-four hours. You see, this slogan is, you guessed it, hate speech.

This charade would be hilarious if it were not so tragic. One does not have to agree with the “femalist” narrative that this is all about misogyny, or erasing women. Young boys as much as young girls are victims of this madness, being “transitioned” – read castrated – because they have been convinced they were born in the wrong body. The thought of a young girl having a double mastectomy and hormone treatment is hardly less horrific.

If Gavin Hubbard wants to join Bruce Jenner, put on a dress and call himself Laurel, fine, but he should stay out of women’s sports, women’s changing rooms, and should he end up on the wrong side of the law, women’s prisons. Him and every other man like him who thinks he can become a woman simply by wishing it so.

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