What If Vladimir Putin Had Said…?


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It started with the statues of Confederate soldiers in the United States and spread quickly to non-Confederates even anti-Confederates not only in the US but the UK and Down Under. The statues of slave owners and anti-slavers have been vandalised or destroyed. Perhaps inspired by this madness of crowds or more likely seeking to take advantage of it, a group of Ethiopians destroyed a statue of Haile Selassie in South London. The Ethiopian Emperor who died in 1975 lived in England from 1936-41 when he was exiled. Ethiopia is the only nation in black Africa never to have been colonised by any of the Western powers.

The wanton destruction continues.

Now imagine if Vladimir Putin had ordered, incited or simply endorsed this wanton destruction: “Comrades, rise up against the Imperialists and destroy these relics of an age of infamy. Tear down these racist statues”.

Would angry mobs have heeded such words, would they have attacked statues of Abraham Lincoln or the Founding Fathers?

Of course, Vladimir Putin has never uttered such words, and in spite of the way he has been demonised by certain factions of our media, there is no evidence he or the government he heads has any ill-intention to the West.

What then if similar words had been uttered by a Russian leader before the demise of the Soviet Union? Only a tiny number of Western Marxists would have taken any such politician seriously. So why do so many people give any time at all to a thinly veiled Communist organisation fronted by two university-educated black lesbians when egged on by an increasingly deranged media they say essentially the same thing?


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