What Now For Britney Spears?


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A judge having ruled against Britney Spears in her attempt to free herself from her conservatorship, the question remains, what should she do now?

Many pundits have commented on the case, including lawyers; some commentary has been informed, some not. In a sense we are all uninformed because there are aspects to her conservatorship that haven’t been disclosed. Furthermore, her father has claimed he is responsible only for the financial side of her bondage – we can call it that – and has shifted any blame for her medical treatment to the other conservator.

There are a lot of intricacies here, but there are surely other approaches that can be taken. This isn’t an elderly woman with dementia who is living in an old folks home, this is a woman not yet forty who is clearly articulate, intelligent, capable, and a hard worker. If she needs any protection at all, it can be provided by the bodyguards who surround all A List celebrities and major politicians in the modern world.

Let us consider for example the purely financial aspect; Britney Spears is estimated to be worth around sixty million dollars.  Is there any reason she couldn’t be allowed to have immediate access to say five million dollars of that sum, and perhaps a personal allowance from a trust of a hundred thousand dollars a month for the next ten years?

With regard to her claim that she is forced to use contraception, if this is true, then it is clearly an outrage. Disability rights campaigners have also weighed in on this issue, some claim her treatment is far from unusual. It is unusual, but only because she is so high profile and extremely wealthy with it.

Britney’s application to the court was dismissed without prejudice, which means she can resubmit it after she has taken legal advice. Less parochially, an informed legislature needs to take a long hard look at the law surrounding conservatorships, guardianships, and any other legislation that relates to people who are incapacitated due to mental breakdowns and related issues, especially when the afflicted person is relatively young, and the incapacitation is likely to be temporary.

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