What the Belarusian opposition offers


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In Belarus, under the leadership of the head of the opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a Coordination Council has been formed and began to function to ensure the transfer of power from Alexander Lukashenko.

The Council’s activities were based on the program “Reanimation Package of Reforms for Belarus”, presented during the election campaign.

The authors of the project are opponents of the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko. They sharply criticize all his activities and come up with ideas for radical changes.

The main theses of the document suggest:

– to carry out a comprehensive decommunization of Belarus;

– to return the white-red-white flag and the coat of arms “Pursuit” as state symbols;- to grant the Belarusian language the status of the only state language, and the Russian language – the status of the language of interethnic communication;

– to popularize national heroes, such as the leader of the uprising against the Russian empire Kastus Kalinovsky (seen as a symbol of the struggle of Belarusians for freedom and independence);

– to transfer the armed forces to NATO standards, apply for membership in the organization;-to carry out partial or complete privatization of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises;- to carry out land reform for the full use of the potential of transnational corporations;-to prohibit the sale of Belarusian infrastructure facilities to Russian companies;

– the transition of Belarus to the consumption of American LNG;

– to reform the education system with the optimization of the number of personnel;- to optimize the structure of health care, to abolish the regulation of tariffs for services in non-state medical centers;

– to revise existing protocols for the treatment of diseases in terms of cost-effective methods of evidence-based medicine;

– to create a Belarusian autocephalous church;

– to transfer hotel facilities, baths, household waste processing, maintenance of streetsand courtyards, funeral services to the private business.

The program assumes a sharp reorientation of the country’s foreign and domestic policy towards membership in the EU and NATO. This provides for a complete rupture of political and economic ties with Russia, as well as withdrawal from the CSTO structures.

However, neither NATO nor the EU have so far expressed a desire to accept Belarus into their structures. And an instant exit from the existing integration associations is hardly possible.

Converting an army to NATO standards is very costly and takes a long time.

And to break economic ties without establishing new ones is at least silly.

The process of reorientation to the West also requires a reformation of public consciousness. Onethesis that it is better in the West is not enough.

16 years ago, the Baltic states finally left the Russian sphere of influence and joined NATO and the EU. The transition was quite smooth and successful. Ukraine withdrew from the Russian sphere of influence six years ago.

The Belarusian people want changes and their opinion must be respected. However, they can follow the path of the Baltic states, or Ukraine.


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