When Will The Country Reopen, And Will There Be A Second Wave? Your Questions Answered


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President Donald Trump has expressed his hope to start reopening the economy starting May 1. Our White House team Christian Datoc and Anders Hagstrom discuss how realistic that is and what obstacles are in the way.

The first question that has to be answered before opening the economy is how the U.S. plans to prevent or combat a second outbreak, which both Dr. Deborah Birx and Dr. Anthony Fauci have warned is possible. Trump’s coronavirus task force has said that different areas of the U.S. need different levels of social distancing guidelines, and Trump may start loosening guidelines for certain parts of the country come May. (RELATED: Dr. Fauci Receives Security Detail Amid Threats)

The pandemic’s epicenters of New York City, Detroit and Louisiana may be under strict guidelines for much longer. (RELATED: Senators’ Letter Stirs Mystery Over Four Classified Footnotes In IG Report)


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