‘White N****’: Teen Vogue Staffer Who Was ‘Concerned’ About Fired EIC’s ‘Racist’ Tweets Repeatedly Used Racial Slurs


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A senior Teen Vogue staffer who wrote a letter sharing her unease about former editor-in-chief Alexi McCammond’s tweets allegedly used the N-word in tweets from over a decade ago, Fox News reported.

Christine Davitt, Teen Vogue’s senior social media manager, tweeted “Ni–a I miss yo a**” and “Ni–a you owe me a nap” to her friend in 2009, according to Fox News. In 2010, she tweeted, “I love the contradictory nature of the phrase ‘white ni–a’. #bushwicklife.”

The tweets in question are no longer available.

McCammond, 17, was a rising reporter at Axios prior to accepting the job as editor-in-chief at Teen Vogue, according to Fox News. She was to begin her position on March 24 until staffers at Teen Vogue revolted over her “past racist and homophobic tweets.” (RELATED: Teen Vogue’s Newly-Hired Top Editor Begs Her Staff For Forgiveness In Groveling Email)

On March 8, Davitt posted the letter on Instagram expressing the decision to hire McCammond, according to Fox News. “So proud of my @teenvogue colleagues,” the caption said. “The work continues…”

The Instagram post is no longer available.

Hours after McCammond announced she and Conde Nast “have decided to part ways, Davitt tweeted, “[Exhales the deepest sign I’ve ever sighed],” according to Fox News.

In 2011, McCammond tweeted, “Outdone by Asian. #Whatsnew.” Another said, “Now googling how to not wake up with swollen, asian eyes.” She also referred to a “stupid Asian T.A.” in another tweet.

Davitt has said in multiple tweets she is of Irish and Filipino, according to Fox News. However, the tweets are limited to public viewing.

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