Who Is Missing Donald Trump?


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It’s difficult to believe Donald Trump is no longer American President in much the same way it is impossible to believe he lost the election, but no sooner had Joe Biden moved into the White House than he and the so-called progressives who are pulling his strings set about erasing the Trump legacy, starting with a prosperous America. But who will actually miss Trump?

Top of the list are the eleven thousand workers including eight thousand union workers who were engaged on the Canadian-US Keystone pipeline. It is one thing to be committed to renewable energy, something we must all move to sooner rather than later, but to do so in this fashion is grossly irresponsible. There is room for both gasoline and developing these alternative sources.

While some Native Americans are said to be happy with the new administration’s approach to oil, the vast majority are not, including the Ute Indian tribe in Utah. The oil industries of New Mexico and Texas are likewise not happy with it; Texas Governor Greg Abbott has vowed to fight the relevant executive order.

Petrol prices in the UK are around $6.16 per gallon; according to the Associated Press, the equivalent in the US (gas prices) are around $2.42 per gallon, a massive difference, but guess what, prices are already increasing, and transport costs affect the price of almost everything, especially food, so motorists, shoppers, and people who eat food, will soon be missing Donald Trump, those who aren’t already.

Transsexuals won’t be missing him; however, if you are the parent of a biological daughter, you may be, because very soon, biological males could be sharing her school changing room. And if you are a female athlete, you may soon find yourself competing against self-identifying women on the track, the field, and even in the ring.

If you work for the military in any capacity, you will likely miss Donald Trump, because he didn’t start a single war during his term. Joe Biden will almost certainly be manoeuvred into starting at least one, or Kamala Harris when he is finally shipped off to the old folks home, which could be sooner than you think.

Jack Dorsey will certainly be missing Donald Trump, if he isn’t already, because although for the moment his company Twitter is keeping its head above water, there is likely to be a veritable exodus from it as shadow banning and other shady practices have now come to the attention of a wider public.

The mainstream media in general will miss Donald Trump because they can no longer chant in unison “Russia, Russia, Russia”, and anyone who tries to chant “China, China, China” or mention the now thoroughly documented corruption of the Biden family is likely to be removed from social media.

The leader of North Korea will miss Donald Trump, because the plan to draw him into the family of nations and shower his impoverished country with Western investment has now been abandoned.

One world leader who will not miss him is Vladimir Putin, because he is now the undoubted leader of the Free World. If you don’t believe that, here is the bad news, the Democrats are already working to revoke the First Amendment, something they will do once they have revoked the Second Amendment. Sheila Jackson Lee in particular is working on that, and only a racist would oppose her, right?


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