Who Is The Queen Of Gaslighters?


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Since Donald Trump became a serious contender for the Presidency, the credibility of the American media has plummeted to such a degree that Russian and even Chinese news sources are often more reliable. Whoever is giving the orders and pulling the strings behind the scenes, the talking heads are always on the front line, none more so than the women. Some are glamorous, some are not, but none of them is trustworthy. The big question is, who is the undisputed Queen when it comes to misinforming the public?

There are several in serious contention: Ana Kasparian, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Jen Psaki are probably the biggest names. So who is the most outrageous? Rachel Maddow would be in a class of her own if she were simply dishonest, but she doesn’t just build castles in the air, she lives in them. Her obsession with Russia, Russia, Russia is so obviously genuine that she can be ruled out for the top spot. Then there is Ana Kasparian, who at one time did reasonably good reporting, even though she was a die-hard leftist, but her ludicrous attacks on especially Jimmy Dore rule her out. That leaves Joy Reid and Jen Psaki.

Psaki was virtually unknown before she became the lead White House propagandist – one can hardly call her a press secretary. In addition to “circling back” when she is unable to answer a question meaningfully, which is often, she is frequently put in the position of having to outright lie for her boss, whoever that might be.

Her biggest lie to date might just be that it was the Republicans rather than the Democrats who called to defund the police. That being said, Joy Reid is in a class of her own, which is hardly surprising as she was a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter.

Like so many of her ilk, Reid views everything through the prism of race. One of her biggest lies came last October when she said:

“There is absolutely zero, none, zero evidence that Black Lives Matter has ever pushed for anything violent…Black Lives Matter is about one thing: Stop killing Black people.”

So all those riots were peaceful, were they, Joy? And the looting, that was reparations? And all the statues, were they toppled or did they fall of their own volition? Her most recent denial of reality concerns the southern border, the crisis, she says, is non-existent. Oh yes, and the crime rate isn’t really increasing.  Reid is believed to be on a salary of $1.5 million a year, not bad for someone who has two notches on the totem pole of oppression, being both black and a woman. But most working people of all races sell only their labour; Joy Reid has sold her soul.

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