Who Should Own Wealth?


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REAL ISSUE: Should we own the wealth we produce?  Wealth being the excess property we own above what is needed for a comfortable life.

Well, it all depends upon the grand scheme of things, perpetual life being a closed loop control system.

For so long as there is wealth, it will be the source of all the power, glory and deadly force in society and government.

For we all have a different level of intelligence, giving us a different ability to produce wealth.

So, how should wealth be controlled and who should do the control?

And so, if the goal in life is to self-actualize, to be all you can be, to be the most wealthy, most powerful, most glorified and the most deadly you can be, than full ownership of wealth must go to those who produced it.  Also, wealth must be preserved in a family dynasty   Also, never should profit, income or wealth be taxed, with sales taxes being the only way to go.

On the other hand, if we are ever to eliminate hunger, the homeless, global warming and have all the non-profit things most essential to progress, such as Medicare for all and mass transit, everyone needs a desire to give all their wealth to a worthy cause.

And if we are ever to achieve equality and experience the emotions of true happiness, the compassion and charity needed to give us the grateful humility of a kind and gentle spirit, our highest priority must be to make sure that no one has one penny less than our net worth.

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