Why Was David Icke Booted From YouTube?


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David Icke had around 900 thousand subscribers to his YouTube channel. At the beginning of this month it was shut down and all his videos deleted. The story was reported worldwide including by his local press. The closure of his YouTube account followed similar action by Facebook.

If your information about David Icke comes only from the mainstream media, don’t believe a word: he is no anti-Semite, no hate preacher, and no madman. Rather, he means well but is extremely gullible, one of those people who believes the government always lies to us, so any information that comes from official sources is not merely suspect but wrong. Additionally, he has been taken in by all manner of cranks and whackos; unlike Shaun Attwood, he actually believes these people when they tell us the Illuminati is plotting to take over the world, and that a Satanic conspiracy operated in Hampstead where babies were ritually sacrificed at the local McDonald’s. Also, like most of these people, if he does any research at all, it is from all the wrong sources.

Primarily, David Icke is a modern mystic, and should always be viewed as such. His journey down that road began with a quest for pain relief. As a teenager he showed promise as a soccer player, but he was one of those unfortunate people who develop rheumatism at an early age.  His short-lived goalkeeping career was followed not unnaturally by a stint as a sports journalist, but by the early 1990s he had discovered the New Age, and there was no turning back.

At one point in his new career, Icke endorsed the Protocols Of Zion, which led to his being denounced hysterically as an anti-Semite. In reality, although the Protocols was used and continues to be used by anti-Semites, it isn’t an anti-Semitic document, rather it is a mystical one. It doesn’t take an anti-Semite to believe King Solomon sat down with the Elders of Zion in 929BC to plot the conquest of the Universe by sending the Symbolic Snake of Judaism through the world’s great cities, only an idiot.

Over the years, a number of powerful Jewish organisations have campaigned against Icke, including the Anti-Defamation League that has branded him both an anti-Semite and a conspiracy theorist. If you haven’t heard of the ADL, it is one of the few organisations that had the temerity to condone both the Gaza Massacre of 2008-2009 and the Flotilla Massacre of 2010; the latter saw ten men including an American citizen murdered in cold blood by the Israeli Defense Forces.

As far as Mr Icke being a conspiracy theorist, we are currently witnessing the unveiling of the most outrageous conspiracy in American history, one that saw the three top men at the CIA, FBI and NSA acting in concert with many others, including members of the Obama Administration to exonerate Hillary Clinton for espionage and frame the incoming later sitting President as a Russian puppet. In this day and age it is those who don’t believe in conspiracy theories who need a reality check.

Where Icke goes wrong in the conspiracy stakes is in assuming there is a network controlled by a hub. The sad truth is that there is no one in control, and the drive towards a world dictatorship coupled with mass subversion of individual rights comes from many directions.

In spite of his fallacious ideas, Icke was tolerated until he started making ill-informed pronouncements on the coronavirus. You can find several videos of him on BitChute. His claim that the coronavirus doesn’t actually exist is absurd, but as many medical professionals have pointed out, this sort of ill-informed commentary can have disastrous effects, and in this connection we can look to China for a parallel. Since 1999, the Chinese Government has suppressed the Falun Gong movement, at times quite ruthlessly. Its practitioners claim it is not simply a harmless pastime but a beneficial one, a form of Tai Chi. The Chinese Government takes an entirely different view; it considers Falun Gong to be a dangerous cult that encourages people to neglect medical treatment. The clampdown may be over the top, but here is the view of one Westerner who came into contact with it.

By the same token, the suppression of David Icke by the two largest Western websites may be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but it may also prevent him from putting insane ideas into the heads of  equally unthinking people. As he had been warned repeatedly about posting this sort of nonsense, he has only himself to blame.

While the Chinese Government has almost certainly been less than candid about the coronavirus, medical opinion is clearly divided and is likely to remain so for some considerable time. While we will have to tolerate intelligent, informed speculation about it, ill-informed or simply scurrilous speculation by cranks cannot help and may do a great deal of harm. David Icke should stick to commenting on things he does understand, in particular, the corrupt, debt-based financial system.

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