Why was John McAfee imprisoned on income tax charges when there is no law requiring a US citizen to pay income tax?


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The Supreme Court said that income tax is unconstitutional, so why was John McAfee arrested on income tax evasion charges because he had not filed his income tax?  They are at best allegations, but no one is breaking the law because there is no law in the US that you have to pay income tax.

The IRS is asking you to pay income tax unconstitutionally and unlawfully.  Basically, the IRS code says it is voluntary to comply, it is not a law.  The definition of income was ruled by the supreme court as income from corporate activity.  It is not money for labor, “wages”, which the supreme court ruled as private property.

If you don’t agree with Biden’s spending spree then I suggest you do not file your tax return as the federal government does not have the constitutional right to take your hard earned income tax.

John McAfee should not have been arrested and he should still been alive today.

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