Will Trump Move The RNC Out Of North Carolina?


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President Donald Trump threatened to move the Republican National Convention out of North Carolina on Monday, but will the state’s governor act to keep it there?

Trump said the convention will move if Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper doesn’t reopen the state to allow a packed stadium for the RNC. White House Correspondent Anders Hagstrom and Video Director Richie McGinniss sat down to discuss the threat and what implications it has for states reopening more generally. (RELATED: Maryland Reestablishes Mail-In Only Special Election, Resolving Inner-Conflict)

The Trump administration has indicated it will side with state residents suing their local governments over slow reopenings.

Are Cooper’s motives pure or is he playing politics with lockdown procedures? (RELATED: Relaxing Lockdowns Was Supposed To Cause A Disaster — It Hasn’t)


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