You Gotta Laugh, Especially When So Many Things Have Become A Joke


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On the Friday video interview edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast we talk with Philadelphia radio host, fellow podcaster and columnist Chris Stigall.

We cover a lot of ground and have a lot of laughs as we go through the news of the last few months: the pandemic, the “dangerous” protests and the media-approved ones, Seattle falling to the mob and everything else that seems like it will dominate life forever but will likely be forgotten in a couple of weeks. (RELATED: Seattle Mayor: CHAZ Is ‘More Like A Block Party’ Than An ‘Armed Takeover’)

It’s a serious look at the insanity of now, with a lot of much-needed laughs thrown in. (RELATED: Exclusive Footage From Inside Seattle’s ‘Autonomous Zone,’ Courtesy Of ‘South Park’)

Listen to the show:

Watch the Chris Stigall interview: 

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The Daily Daily Caller Podcast is a daily look and mocking of the news from a conservative perspective. Hosted by Derek Hunter, it is available in audio form Monday-Friday and will have a video interview on Fridays.

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