‘You’ve Made My Hit List’: Florida Sheriff Is So Fed Up With Problem House He Calls Them Out On Facebook Live


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Sheriff Wayne Ivey of Brevard County, Florida, and several deputies posted a video on Facebook Monday calling out a problematic house.

Ivey gives the specific address of the house as well as outlining the reasons why service members had been dispatched to the residence.

“The calls to this house have been for drugs, drug overdose where Narcan had to be deployed, fights, stolen vehicles, needles thrown over the fence in the neighbors yard, and 31 disturbances that we have had to respond to,” said Ivey in the video, “Our team has made multiple arrests at this address as well as arrests of various subjects that were leaving the residence.” (RELATED: Suspect Arrested For Stealing From Store While Wearing Watermelon On His Head)

“In fact, just yesterday, we arrested two scumbags who had just left this house, who were both violent felons,” said Ivey in the video that now has almost 10 million views, “You have now made my hit list.”

Ivey states in the video that the homeowner “wants to be in jail” and tells those that were planning on coming to the house to “rethink their visit. Ivey also says that neighbors have installed security cameras that “point directly at the house” to protect themselves against the “disgusting” behavior.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” | Sheriff Wayne Ivey said the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has responded to call for drugs, overdoses, fights, stolen vehicles, needles being thrown into neighbors’ yards and 31 other disturbances. https://t.co/TN5kPOAaS7

— News 6 WKMG (@news6wkmg) May 18, 2020

“Now grow up and start being a productive member of society,” said Ivey, “because if you can’t you’ll be working on my chain gang very soon and we’ll have no remorse in locking you and your little dope dealing friends right up.” The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Ivey did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment. 

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